8 Telemedicine Questions Frequently Asked by Patients

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One thing we’ve learned over the last few months is that telemedicine is here to stay. As we continue to adjust to the new norm from the COVID-19 pandemic, staff, and members of the Arizona Medical Association are providing you with 8 frequently asked questions and answers to help you become more comfortable with Telemedicine.

How do I schedule an appointment for a telemedicine visit?

You call our office to schedule an appointment, just as you would an in-person office visit.

Will I see my regular doctor?

Yes, if it’s possible! We will try to schedule your appointment with your regular physician, but there is a chance your doctor will not be available at the time that works in your schedule. When you call, be sure to inform the staff of your preference.

Can I be at home for my telemedicine visit?

Yes. You can access telemedicine services from any location. Most patients prefer to be at home or in a private office, but it is not required. Sometimes your insurance coverage will vary based on your location. Ask our staff if you have any questions.

How do I know if my problem can be treated in a telemedicine visit?

Telemedicine isn’t right for everything, but your doctor can help you with many types of problems. Minor illnesses and conditions are easily diagnosed via telemedicine, but your doctor may have you go to the office if he or she wants to see you in person. You can use telemedicine for things such as lab result review, prescription refills, contraceptive counseling, rashes, sinus infections, migraine, and acne. Many patients receive mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, and post-operative check-ins.

How can my doctor diagnose me without an exam?

Just as he does when you go to an appointment in the office, your doctor will talk with you and gather information about your current condition and symptoms. If a video connection is available, your doctor may use a visual exam while gathering your medical history. Be sure to explain how you feel as accurately as possible so your doctor has complete and accurate information.

Can my doctor prescribe medication during this visit?

In many cases, yes. If your doctor decides you need a medication, he or she can send the prescription electronically directly to the pharmacy you choose.

How long will the visit take?

Your doctor will spend the same amount of time with you during your telemedicine visit as she would during an in-person visit. You just won’t have to travel to and from the office.

If I have insurance, do I still have to pay for telemedicine?

Yes. There is a fee for the telemedicine visit, and your payment will be collected by staff or through the app before your visit. Our staff will check your insurance benefits and provide additional detail prior to your visit. You will be expected to pay your copay or deductible and coinsurance, depending on your insurance benefits. After your visit, this practice will submit a claim to your insurance company just as we do when you visit the office.

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