Arizona Medical Association Strategic Plan

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Written by: Susan Whitely, MD, Arizona Medical Association President

Over 20 Years ago, I opened my private practice as a Family Physician.

I had the help of many – friends, family, physicians, and a credit card! What I did not have is a clear plan for implementation of a medical business. I had no idea if my practice would survive.

20+ years later, the strategic plan has come into clear focus. Strategic planning has become a critical endeavor.

I am excited to announce the launch of the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) new strategic plan. This forward-looking plan will help ArMA grow in its capacity to meet member needs amidst an evolving healthcare landscape. It will ensure our staff, leadership, and other stakeholders are working toward common goals.

The strategic plan sets the course for ArMA’s future. It focuses on growth – growth in value, relevance, membership, resources, expertise, and physician engagement. To achieve this, ArMA will promote the unique voice of physicians in Arizona, creating a platform for physicians to navigate and lead change.

The plan is created around four strategic pillars with specific objectives that we’ll work to accomplish over the next three years.

As your professional organization, ArMA stands ready to guide members to professional success and personal satisfaction as we work to accomplishing these overarching goals.

We are excited about the opportunities ahead and encourage each member to consider how they can get involved. We look forward to providing updates on our progress in the future.

  1. Timothy Fagan 1 year ago

    Where can I read the strategic plan?

    Why is National advocacy through the AMA not more prominent in this article?

    • Libby McDannell 1 year ago

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on this article, Dr. Fagan. The article was intended to provide a high level overview of the strategic plan which is a very comprehensive document.

      Advocacy is a key priority area for ArMA. We aim to ensure that the perspectives of physicians and patients are represented at the state and national level on important issues affecting physicians, the healthcare environment, and patient care / outcomes. On a federal level, the AMA serves as a great resource.

      I will follow-up with you directly to share the detailed strategic plan.

  2. Timothy Fagan 1 year ago

    What does “awaiting moderation” mean?

    • AZPulse 1 year ago

      Dr. Fagan,

      Moderation is set to approve of comments that are left on our articles. We receive dozens of spam comments daily, so we had to change the settings and approve comments.

  3. Richard Dale, MD 1 year ago

    Well done Susan & others, This should benefit ArMA & young MDs, even if they join groups. Thanks to all. Dick Dale

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