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Written By: Damien Johnson, ArMA Communications Manager

For over four decades, the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) has sponsored the “Doctor of the Day” program at the Arizona State Capitol. Beginning in the 1970’s, the House had an “infirmary room” for use by the doctor, for members, and staff who needed medical attention during the legislative session. What started out as doctors fulfilling a civic responsibility by volunteering their time has since grown into a personalized, and educational experience about the legislative process, while still being “on call”.

This program allows member physicians an opportunity to interact with legislators and government officials from districts across the state. Escorted by a member of the ArMA Advocacy Team, each doctor receives a guided tour through the House, Senate, and Capitol Building, seeing firsthand the state legislative process. Our Advocacy Team brings their personal expertise from years of local political knowledge, relationships, and healthcare advocacy.

The Doctor of the Day Program also provides unique perspective to legislators. Arizona legislators are able to have robust conversations with both physicians and medical students regarding healthcare issues affecting Arizonans.

Year after year, ArMA members continue to participate, with multiple doctors serving more than 10 separate times. They clearly understand the unique opportunity of being the “Arizona Doctor of the Day”.

What does an ArMA member receive from participating in the Doctor of the Day program?

  • The opportunity to meet legislators
  • The ability to attend committee hearings
  • A bird’s eye view of how the lawmaking process works
  • Introduction on the House and Senate floor
  • An experienced ArMA Advocacy Team member to answer questions on the legislative process

What type of member participates in the “Doctor of the Day” program?

Doctor of the Day participants are diverse, with representation from most specialties and physicians from all over the state. Below is a breakdown of the 2018 participants.

How do I participate in the ArMA sponsored “Doctor of the Day” program?

To participate in this program, you must be a current member of ArMA. Registration for the program is now open; the program begins on the second Monday in January. The “Doctor of the Day” program runs Monday through Thursday during the regular legislative session, from approximately 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding this RTS process, please reach out to our advocacy department.



  1. I enjoyed participating in this year’s DOD program. Are there specific days that are available in 2019?

    Stephen P. Herman, M.D.

    • AZPulse 2 years ago

      Thank you for your response, Dr. Herman! Registration will be opening up for Doctor of the Day within the next 1-2 weeks. We will be sure to send out some communication to members when it is open. More information will also be posted on our Doc of the Day webpage, which can be found at

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