Newly Formed Arizona Healthcare Coalition

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For more than 125 years, the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) has advocated for physicians in our state. Many times, these advocacy efforts have helped lead the way for medicine throughout the country. ArMA has been impactful in the advocacy arena because of its earned credibility and trust with legislators, regulatory agencies, the community, and the constituents they serve. We are proud of our reputation in serving as “the voice of medicine” in Arizona.

ArMA has continued to broaden its reach through established collaborative relationships with stakeholders across the state, including many medical specialty societies. With these relationships, groups look to ArMA for communication about lobbying activity, political strategy, and “inside baseball” at the State Capitol. By focusing on local, regional, and national healthcare issues that impact all Arizonans, ArMA aims to effect positive change with inclusive and open collaboration. We are stronger together.

In 2019, ArMA and AOMA (the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association) will lead efforts to launch a new Arizona Healthcare Coalition (“AHC” or “Coalition”). The Coalition will bring together healthcare stakeholders to serve as a community network in the sharing of information. It will provide a forum for collaboration to advance the health of all Arizonans and to mobilize participation when needed.

The Coalition will work to advance the health of all Arizonans through physician-led and patient-centric advocacy efforts focused on:

  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Best Practices
  • Public Health Improvement
  • Professional Liability Costs
  • Reducing Administrative Burdens
  • Improving Health Plan Coverage
  • Addressing Scope of Practice Expansion Requests

The strength of the coalition will be its members, a diverse group of highly respected member organizations that will bring their experienced leadership and collective expertise to make the AHC a powerful voice in the healthcare community across Arizona.

One of the main goals of the coalition is to amplify the voice of medicine to legislators and the public – we are stronger together. Additional Coalition goals are to share information and build trust through consensus.

Coalition membership will be open to allied organizations in the healthcare arena – from physician-led societies to patient-driven associations.  Each member organization will have a healthcare focus and general alignment on critical issues presented to the community and legislature.

More information will be shared throughout the year as the AHC is established. If you are an organization that believes your mission would align with the Coalition, please contact Damien Johnson(

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